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Cole ABA Solutions
We provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services that bring hope and change lives here and around the world. We're about excellence. We're about hope. We're about faith in the people we care for and their future. We're about making a real difference in real lives. We are Cole ABA Solutions.

Cole ABA Solutions includes Cole Academy, which provides one-on-one ABA services to children with Autism.  The Cole Academy provides a variety of services to people of all ages and abilities.   

Children show great improvements when their treatment plans include ABA as well as alternate therapy disciplines.  Cole Academy works alongside Cole Pediatric Therapy, providing on-site Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy services. 

The goal of the Cole Academy is to create a positive learning environment, allowing your child to maximize their potential.  Our programs are intended to teach your child to transition to a more traditional setting. 

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