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Occupational Therapy focuses on fine motor skills, visual-perceptual skills, cognitive skills, and sensory-processing deficits. Cole Pediatric Therapy has a team of Occupational Therapists that work with children impaired by illness, injury or disability and those requiring training and assistance with the following:

Fine Motor Skills

Our occupational therapists focus on learning how to develop a child’s fine motor skills to help them engage in basic life tasks, such as buttoning buttons, tying shoes, handwriting skills, or cutting with scissors.

Activities of Daily Living

Our occupational therapists help children with developmental delays learn basic tasks, such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, tying shoes and feeding themselves.

Evaluation for Specialized/Adaptive Equipment

Our occupational therapists evaluate a child's need for specialized equipment, such as wheelchairs, splints, bathroom equipment, etc. We will often work directly with medical equipment companies to ensure the children we treat have the best possible equipment for life outside the therapy session.

Sensory Integration Disorders

Our occupational therapists assess a wide variety of sensory systems including touch, sight, smell, taste, movement, and body position to determine their effect on the child’s function.  We then work with children who have sensory and attention issues to improve focus, social skills, and age appropriate reactions to stimuli in their surrounding environments. Therapist use various forms of activities to promote regulation of sensory input to help children develop peer and adult relationships, learn, focus on tasks, engage in play with peers, and express feelings in more appropriate ways.  Some examples of these activities may include techniques such as brushing, using suspended equipment, ball pits, and the use of weighted vests or blankets.

Our therapists use learned skills that include understanding the sensory systems effects on behavior in order to help children with behavior problems. 

Visual Motor Integration

Our occupational therapists help to improve visual motor integration, visual processing, visual memory, and visual perceptual abilities.  These abilities are needed for day-to-day activities such as handwriting and play activities.

Interactive Metronome

Our occupational therapists use Interactive Metronome to work with children who may have problems with focusing on tasks, such as those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, to promote increased focus and timing.  Interactive Metronome has also been used with our children who have mild forms of cerebral palsy to promote proper coordination patterns as well as rhythm and timing.