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Physical Therapy For people who need physical therapy in Houston, Cole Rehabilitation has a team of Physical Therapists who address gross motor skills, gait abnormalities, functional mobility, range of motion, and other physical issues related but not limited to the following:

Post-stroke / Traumatic Brain Injury

The Cole Rehabilitation team is the leader in Houston physical therapy. We offer a comprehensive approach to the rehabilitation and treatment of a wide variety of neurological conditions including: stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. Our staff tailors the treatment of each individual to fit their specific needs to ensure the best possible outcome. This includes muscle and sensory reeducation, coordination and balance activities, range of motion, and strengthening exercises.

Joint Replacement

We offer individualized treatment programs for patients following a joint replacement surgery including hips, knees, and shoulders. These programs include range of motion, stability and strengthening exercises that work to return the patient to a normal functioning level. Our staff is highly experienced in working with patients after a replacement surgery, and we understand fully what is required for full rehabilitation of the affected joint.

Rotator Cuff Repair

We offer a patient-centered approach to the rehabilitation of shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff repairs, sprains, and dislocations. Through the use of manual therapy, modalities for pain management, range of motion, and strengthening exercises, the individualized treatment program is designed to address the specific needs of the patient as they return to a normal level of function.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We offer a vestibular rehabilitation program that includes a specialized, individualized program to improve symptoms associated with dizziness, vertigo, imbalance caused by but not limited to sensory deficits (vision, proprioception, inner ear), and post-concussion/mild head trauma injuries. The program includes postural training with strengthening of postural lower extremity muscles, gait analysis, therapeutic exercise designed to improve balance and decrease fall risk inside and outside the home.

The McKenzie Method for Treatment of Neck and Back Pain

We offer the McKenzie Method as an overall program of assessment, treatment and prevention strategies (including exercise). This is provided by our therapists who have been trained and certified in this method. Learn more about the specific method at

Sports Rehabilitation

As the top agency for orthopedics in Houston, we offer an extensive sports rehabilitation program in which the primary goal is to return to pre-injury activities, whether the athlete is a professional, amateur or casual player. The most common injuries treated by the sports rehabilitation is sprains and strains. Other conditions that can be treated through a sports rehabilitation program are fractures, arthritis issues, and joint replacements and generalized pain issues. The program typically begins with pain management in which various modalities are utilized. These modalities include ice or heat application, ultrasound and electrical stimulation. Ultrasound is an effective tool to increase circulation to the affected or injured area which assists in speeding up the healing process. It can also reduce the edema or swelling causing pain. Electrical stimulation, commonly known as TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, utilizes electric waves that penetrate into the muscle and aid in the relief of pain.


We offer a continuum of care for each individual, from pre-prosthetic strengthening and training that prepares the patient for using their new prosthesis, to perfecting how the patient uses their prosthesis. Our therapists work to ensure that the patient is safe with their new limb and attains the highest possible level of function in order to increase their independence.

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