Cole Rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been experiencing pain. What do I need to do to receive therapy?

    To receive therapy, you must obtain a physician order. Please contact your physician to schedule an appointment to discuss your pain level.

  • Does my insurance or Medicare/Medicaid coverage pay for therapy?

    Most Medicare/Medicaid and Private Insurance policies cover outpatient therapy needs. Please contact one of our financial counselors at 281.290.4400 or your provider today to inquire about your specific benefits.

  • What if I do not have insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?

    We work with each patient individually to come up with a program that is obtainable for you. We also offer a Care Credit Program to assist those in need. Please contact one of our financial counselors at 281.290.4400.

  • What do I need to wear and/or bring to my therapy appointments?

    Please bring your physician prescription and insurance information with you on your initial visit. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will be active in therapy.

  • I have received therapy in the past but my pain came back. Am I eligible for more therapy?

    Yes. You will need to contact your physician to obtain an additional prescription.

  • What type of insurances do you accept?

    Please see our full list of approved insurance providers here.

  • Will I have a co-pay?

    Copay and co-insurance are determined by the benefits provided by your insurance company. Please feel free to contact one of our financial counselors at 281.290.4400 to discuss payment options.

  • I received a prescription from my doctor for therapy but cannot find it. Can I still receive treatment?

    Yes. Please contact us as we can obtain a new prescription from your physician.

  • How long will my therapy take?

    Treatment plans differ from patient to patient.  Your therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan to facilitate your recovery.