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Meet Jr.
Injuries and accidents can make or break a person. For Junior, a Cole Rehabilitation patient, his car wreck broke his arm and caused a stroke. It nearly crushed his spirit.

Two years ago, Junior was leaving school when the driver of the vehicle he was in, lost control and hit a tree. The crash broke his arm. Three days later, Junior went to the hospital with difficulty breathing and it was revealed he had an air bubble in his heart. This first hospital could not treat him due to his being a minor and referred him to Texas Children’s Hospital. By the time he arrived there, he suffered a stroke.

The car wreck had injured his lungs, which allowed air into his veins which then traveled to his heart, causing the stroke. Junior’s next three months were spent at Texas Children’s Hospital undergoing therapy, working to get his body and mind under control.

Once discharged from the hospital, Junior continued receiving therapy from a third party provider. Unfortunately, he fell during one of his sessions and the physical therapist believed she could no longer help Junior in his journey.

At this point Junior asked his primary care physician for help and was referred to Cole Rehabilitation. Junior has been here for almost two months and marked improvement is quite visible.

During an interview session, he revealed that he struggled quite a bit after his accident. He could not walk, he could not dress himself; he could not feed himself. A teenager, in the prime of discovering his independence, his body and mind betrayed him. He did not want to go outside, he wanted to stay home and not even talk to anyone. Depression was creeping into his life but, this is a happy story and Junior fought with every ounce of his being, from being in a wheelchair for two months, to using a walker for one month, then a cane, and now completely unassisted.

Through every setback, from the stroke to falling during a therapy session and being denied services, Junior feels God is with him: “I guess God gave me the stroke and on one hand I regret it, but on the other hand I don’t because he has done something special in me. Where I live is the hood and I was leading the wrong path, but now my path is straight.”

On how he would describe his time at Cole Rehabilitation, “Everyone is nice. They give me positive thoughts and help me stay on my straight path. They give me confidence.”

Junior was supposed to be a senior this year, but due to his accident and subsequent stroke, he is entering his junior year, but he faces it with excitement and the knowledge that he is able. Cole Rehabilitation has been a place of restoration, healing, and support for Junior. We know he can achieve anything he sets his mind to and we will continue to be here for him and his family.

Meet Josie

Josie is a caring and optimistic 58 year old dealing with symptoms related to arthritis. Her arthritis affects multiple joints and initially restricted her mobility and daily activities.  When she came to Cole Rehabilitation, she was in a wheelchair and could only walk short distances with assistance.

Josie started her rehabilitation journey at Cole Rehabilitation's Humble location and transferred to Willowbrook to be closer to home. The transition was smooth with the continuum of care from one location to the other. Her goal was to be able to walk and gain overall strength and prepare herself for a total knee replacement. Josie worked hard while in therapy and progressed to using a walker and eventually a single point cane.  Josie did so well that she was even able to conquer stair climbing! Her doctors were so pleased to see her walk instead of “roll” in for her follow-up visits. While attending physical therapy, she began to have increased pain and limitations to her hands due to arthritis and began seeing our certified hand therapist. Josie is happy with her progress and is anxiously awaiting her knee surgery. Even though Josie has every reason to let this illness bring her down, she demonstrates a positive attitude, beautiful smile and contagious laugh. She knows that Cole Rehabilitation will be there for her after her knee surgery.

Meet Michelle

Imagine waking up one day and experiencing a slight pain in your right knee. Every day, every week that pain gets worse until one day you realize that you’ve been walking with a limp for a while. Add to this you have a daughter who needs Speech, Physical, and Occupational therapy. This was Michelle’s world. The limp turned into her not being able to walk for about two months. A visit to the doctor revealed she had rheumatoid arthritis. All the while she was looking for therapy services for her young daughter.

“I actually just happened to be driving past and saw Cole’s sign. I went in and realized they offered therapy for children and adults.” Two months of therapy have strengthened her knees and legs after losing strength from immobility. She is walking about and happy that her daughter also has a place to call home.